What Does Leadership Mean To You?

What Does Leadership Mean To You?

Leaders like Reed Hastings aren’t born as they are made with consistent hard work. They aren’t searchers for consensus but the molders. Leadership is a wide term that emphasizes being positive in a negative situation. Those people who dare to stand alone, make tough decisions, and have the compassion to support others develop the potential to be effective leaders. They are made with equality of actions and integrity of intent. To let their subordinates do the greatest things becomes their motive. 

Most people think that leadership is a bunch of responsibilities and about getting followers and likes, which is not true. The most prominent responsibility of a leader is to define reality. You should know about Stephen Gleave, who is a Canadian lawyer internationally recognized in the Canadian Labour and Employment law. Stephen Gleave Ancaster is a true inspirational personality who motivates people to put consistent effort into their works.

Qualities of Leader

Leaders play a great role in nurturing high-performing employees to increase company retention and profitability. Even highly engaged employees perceive their leaders as more effective when compared to disengaged ones. Leaders should ravish their skills and knowledge to raise their potential for influence. Read further to know about the most desired traits that every leader must exhibit, creating a new batch of leaders.

  • Appreciation and encouragement

Every leader must show appreciative behavior towards the hard work and effort of subordinates. It creates a positively engaging environment and work culture, which acts as a motivation system for them. By recognizing the contributions, it raises confidence and willingness among them to work best.

  • Good communicator

Communication skill is important to share what you have and expect from others. It develops better understanding and beliefs among subordinates that inspire them to follow the principles and vision of leaders. Leaders should be active speakers and listeners to solve the major troubling issues of subordinates.

  • Committed

It is the commitment that keeps us inspired to cross every hurdle, mitigate risks, and follow the goal. Leaders should continually evaluate their commitment to the people they are leading. Highly committed leaders focus on results rather than making excuses. It ignites action.

  • Vision

A visionary leader clearly and passionately communicates the inspiring vision to subordinates. Vision is built considering current organizational objectives. It helps to communicate possibilities and effective solutions to problems. Also, it develops belief towards the value of work.

  • Honest, integrative, and transparent

Honesty is the building block of trust. But being too honest and transparent with feelings can adversely impact the enthusiasm of team members. Transparency helps to keep employees in the loop while sharing good or bad and providing feedback. Integration fosters the action across any boundary to achieve goals.


Leadership is the definition of the capacity to transform vision into reality. Leaders play a highly rewarding role in managing things and leading people. They prevent people from perishing by effectively guiding, instructing, solving problems, and communicating vision. 

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