List of Keywords to Block for Parental Control

List of Keywords to Block for Parental Control

The kids use excessive internet and social media nowadays as they have earned extended hands on the digital networks in the recent pandemic breakout situation.

All their academic activities and assignments have switched to online networks that have paved the way for increased communication and browsing over digital networks.

But there comes another side to the story as well. A number of kids start indulging in useless discussions and debates over the course of their online activity. Moreover, they sometimes become obsessed with doing inappropriate and substandard unethical activities that frustrate the parents about the moral standing of their kids.

The said problem becomes a pressing concern when kids start involving in unnecessary debates and activities while using the internet and social networks, leaving behind their true goals of performing well in academic whereabouts.

The solution to restricting this kind of activity is the use of a spy app that allows blocking certain keywords efficiently.

The activities that kids take-up

Involving in political debates

Nowadays, it is frequently seen that some kids involve in political debates with their peers so that leaving behind their responsibilities of academic performance.

These political debates ultimately account for personal grudges that can come to haunt the child mentally or physically at a later stage.

The keywords for these discussions can be “my vote is for …”, “ my president will be …”.

The solution to the problem

The parent should allocate a list of keywords that are to be monitored. The parents can use the keyword alerts over slogans of the political parties and hot political topics in the given localities, and as discussed above.

Upon assigning the keyword alerts, the parent will get a notification every time the certain keyword gets in use over the kids’ devices.

Hate speech on complexion, race, and ethnicity

This is one of the hottest topics in recent times since the murder of George Floyd. It has become a trendy topic with the slogan of “Black Lives Matter”. A few kids start involving in these debates with their peers over others’ race, ethnicity, complexion etc.

The pressing keywords for such debates can be “Whites are superior”, “Blacks are inferior”, “race has much to do with social standing”.

This pattern triggers many issues for the kids as they become vulnerable to emotionally unstable opponents and can get hurt as a result to the situation.

The solution to the problem

A fine spy app allows defining a number of keywords as discussed; these keywords are then added to the restricted keywords watch list. This step protects the kids from potential harm triggered through the said situation.

By setting up this check, every time the child uses the same keyword, the parent gets notified about the activity.

The other problems and solution

The other problems pertaining to kids that ask for strong parental controls are related to cyber bullying, harassment, cyber predating, cyber stalking, and sex offending.

It is observed in many cases that a number of kids are affected by the criminal activities targeting them, as discussed. Cyber criminals look to harass the kids for personal gains and for monetary benefits.

They harass and blackmail the kids into revealing their parents confidential financial information and then using the same information for executing unlawful activities. Initially, they look to win the kid’s interest by getting into their close network and then exploit them to do illegitimate favors.

A large number of kids have reported this trend, thus urging the parents to incorporate an efficient child protection mechanism so that these problems may get phased out.

A number of spying apps are there in business that provides spy service to monitor the kid activities. The best of them is OgyMogy. All the discussed issues can be addressed using OgyMogy. The salient features of the spy app are discussed.

Keyword alerts

The discussed suspected keywords can be logged by using the keystrokes logger. Moreover, the parent can view and read all the social media and SMS chats to identify if there is something inappropriate.

Other features

Website blocking, social media monitoring etc


The keywords that need to be blocked for parental control are discussed. The best service that addresses the concerns of the parents is OgyMogy.

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