How is life after becoming SBI SO? What major responsibilities are to be carried out by an SBI SO?

How is life after becoming SBI SO? What major responsibilities are to be carried out by an SBI SO?

State Bank of India conducts the SBI SO (Specialist Officer) exam to select officers in several specialist categories. Applications are welcome for the position of expert officers in other departments as vacancies arise. Recruiting is mostly aimed at managerial positions. However, senior-level recruitment notifications will be issued soon. 

Multiple recruitment campaigns are now in progress. Recruitment usually takes place in stages. The first stage is an online exam. This is followed by a personal interview. If probable candidates have been identified, there will be a shortlist created. 

The minimum pay scale for SBI SO Grade 1 is Rs. 23,700. Depending on the level and position, the SO salary will vary. Under SBI SO Recruitment 2020, selected candidates will receive a salary ranging from Rs. 42,020 to Rs. 51,490. They also receive additional allowances, such as Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, PF, City Compensatory Allowance, Leave Fare Concession, Contributory Pension Fund, Medical Facility, etc.

An SBI SO candidate’s selection depends on the availability of a job posting. Below is an explanation of the overall selection process followed by SBI to hire Specialist officers.

How is Life After Becoming SBI SO? 

A job at SBI SO is one of the most respected positions in the country’s banking industry. Thousands of aspirants attempt to become Specialist Office Officers (SOs) at SBI, India’s largest public-sector bank. However, becoming an SBI SO is not easy, and only a select few make it to the premier banking institution. Additionally, SBI PO provides ample training opportunities for SBI SOs to stay up-to-date with the industry trends by offering the best salary and perks in the industry. 

Applicants for SBI SO positions must be flexible enough to adapt to changes in the workplace. The SBI SO Grade 1 pay scale is currently Rs. 23,700. SBI SO has become one of the most sought-after posts in banks these days. SBI SO salaries differs for different grades and positions. Selected candidates for SBI SO Recruitment 2021 will receive a salary of Rs. 42,020 to Rs. 51,490, in addition to other allowances.

SBI SO Perks and Allowances

SBI SO jobs is among the most sought-after positions. This is primarily because of the attractive benefits and allowances that are offered after cracking the SBI SO exam

Major Responsibilities of an SBI SO

Different employees are assigned different tasks based on their posts. Working hard and having a great deal of enthusiasm are essential qualities for this post. A person must be vigorous enough to adjust to societal changes. Some of the roles offered are:

  • Relationship Manager

A Relationship Manager is responsible for acquiring, developing, expanding, and strengthening relationships with affluent and HNI clients to accomplish business goals. To sell a variety of investment and insurance products to these clients in order to satisfy their financial requirements, and achieve the Wealth Management business’s revenue targets.

  • Senior Executive (Digital Relations)

The Senior Executive for Digital Relations is responsible for customer acquisition and marketing plans. To form partnerships with businesses and online vendors. Their job description includes negotiating and interacting with suppliers or technological solution providers to create win-win scenarios. They are hired to provide timely customer service and to handle complaints. They are also used to start marketing campaigns, such as those using social media and digital marketing.

  • Investment Officer

The Investment Officer is responsible for advising consumers on a variety of financial services goods. They need to have extensive expertise in a variety of areas, including MF, FI, Structured Products, and Discretionary Portfolios. A strong emphasis is placed on due diligence, quantitative techniques, and asset allocation.

  • Vice President (Stressed Assets Marketing)

The duties include intensive marketing and investor prospecting for the sale of nonperforming assets (NPAs). The role of a vice president is to negotiate the sale of distressed assets with possible investors/PE Funds and QIBs in order to maximise the realisation.


Using salary scales based upon the types of posts they have been appointed to, SBI SO employees have one of the highest pay scales in the banking industry. The position of SBI SME Credit Analyst includes reviewing, renewing, and assessing FICO credit scores as part of the review process.

The SBI SO Salary varies according to the grade and post. The selected candidates will receive a salary that ranges between Rs. 42,020 and Rs. 5,490 along with other allowances under the SBI SO Recruitment 2021. 

There are a number of benefits available for SBI SO employees, including DA, HRA, PF, CCA, LFC, Contributory Pension Funds, and Medical Facilities. Additionally, Deputy Managers may be eligible for DA, HRA, PF, CCA, LFC, contributing pension fund, medical facility, and other allowances. BYJU’S Exam Prep can help ease the path to becoming an SBI SO.

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