What Are The Different Types Of Bubble Wraps?

Nowadays, there are many queries that arise after moving to a new home or apartment and need appropriate answers. One of the most important aspects of any move is the ability to protect the customers’ belongings while they are in transit due to the packing and protection of those items. Where can you purchase packing supplies? You can buy them on your own, or if you hire a professional moving crew to handle your relocation, they will prepare all the required packing supplies and materials for you. One of the best packaging supplies is bubble wrap. It can be used to wrap delicate or fragile goods for shipping or storage to keep the youngsters busy popping them. When it comes to protecting fragile products from breakage during transit, bubble wrap is your best bet. However, several distinct kinds of bubble wrap are accessible since they all have different purposes.

What is bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is a thin, flexible piece of plastic with air bubbles sticking out of it. Fragile items like glass, clay, and ceramics are packed in sheets to prevent breakage during storage or transportation. Its primary function is to provide vibration and shock isolation, preventing the load from breaking. It is available in a range of diameters and thicknesses. According to usage, much organization offers a large selection of bubble wrapping films in different grades. They range in strength from light to heavy. Each type has a demonstrated capacity to endure external impact to prevent product loss or damage.

Purpose of bubble wrap:

Products can be wrapped and protected from damage with General Purpose Grade Bubble, which is a practical and affordable packaging solution. It is simple to cut the wrap rolls into the desired widths. Regular and heavy-duty General Wrap is available in two thicknesses, such as 10 mm and 20 mm, and falls into two categories. The former is excellent for normal domestic transportation, and the latter is suitable for protecting delicate goods for professional shipments, relocation, and warehouse storage.

Different types of bubble wraps:

  1. Metalized foil bubble wrap:

In order to allow for temperature-controlled Packaging, bubble wrap sheets are laminated with foil and referred to as metalized bubble wrap or foil bubble wrap. This thin, moisture-resistant wrap is packaging for rare foods, papers, paintings, and other artefacts. Its thermal properties control interior product temperature and shield delicate items from deterioration.

  1. Foam-backed bubble wrap:

Foam Backed Bubble is an excellent option for individuals who want to provide their goods more protection. The role is to give extra cushion for fragile products that need special handling during transit. It is one side laminated with foam. This 0.5 mm, thick foamed bubble wrap sheet is ideal for delicate products because it prevents breakage and doesn’t sweat like plastic, keeping the surface immaculate.

  1. Kraft paper-backed bubble wrap:

As the name implies, Kraft Backed bubble wrap has a sturdy Kraft paper covering that is primarily intended for shipping large household items like hardwood furniture. This wrap can also prevent floor surfaces from scratching when moving large furniture. Kraft Backed Bubble is made to be durable and able to endure the rigours of transit and shipment. Furniture producers and removalists mostly use it.

  1. Bubble bags:

Bubble bags offer labour- and money-saving protective packaging solution. In addition to being offered in various sizes, bubble bags can also be produced to order. These bags might be manufactured with an adhesive flap on the closure for a reliable seal. The most common bubble used to make bubble bags is a 10mm bubble, and a 20mm bubble is also available.

  1. Bubble with dispenser:

With the exception of the dispenser, it is comparable to item number 2 in every way. This can be helpful for folks who pack various products in a single day. You don’t have to manually cut the roll of plastic wrap while holding it in your hands. Using the dispenser, you may quickly and easily cut the wrap to the required size.

  1. High-grade bubble wrap:

Strong grade bubble wrap is also referred to as high grade, and it is created with more durable plastics that won’t bust as quickly. When wrapping big goods or when there is a high possibility that the item will be dropped, you should always use this grade. Stronger bubbles will assist in keeping the cushioning in place.

  1. Protects soft protective bubble wrap:

A premium-quality bubble is laminated onto one end of Protecta Soft Bubble, which is used for packaging furniture. It is frequently used to cover the table in storage for a while. Additionally, the sweat is stopped by the soft wrap roll, guaranteeing a spotless furniture surface. Several warehouses and furniture manufacturers employ this product to meet their needs for long-term packing.

  1. Anti-static bubbles wrap:

Anti Static Bubble is a fantastic choice for shipping large machinery and electrical parts because it was specifically created for electrical items. Since friction during transit might result in fire and static shock from normal plastic wrap, electrical packaging goods can be difficult. Electrical items are safe and protected from static buildup thanks to anti-static wrap. For ease of identification, the sheets are pink in colour.

  1. Bubble tubing:

For things that are long in size and hence challenging to wrap, Bubble Tubing has been specially designed. The special protective bubble wrap completely protects the objects, which also facilitates their shipment. The bubble rolls can be used in various goods because they are convenient to use and come in 10mm and 20mm layers.

  1. Parting words:

If you are looking for bubble wrap, check out Packaging’s wide selection of packaging products. First, you need to look through their entire selection of bubble wrap. You will need bubble wrap during the packaging process, whether you are only shipping something or moving to a new home. There are many different sizes and grades of bubble wrap, each suited for a certain application. While the smaller bubble wrap offers better protection against scratches, the larger bubble wrap is better for additional padding because it is filled with more air and is more beneficial.

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