The Benefits Of Ceiling Fans

The Benefits Of Ceiling Fans

Across the world, the humble ceiling fan has been helping to keep people cool in warm climates for more than a century now. As one of the few different types of cooling units in existence, ceiling fans are still in abundance today and are very much still in use around the planet. While not the same as an air conditioning unit, as they simply move air around a room rather than actively cool the air, there are many benefits to having one of these in your home instead of not having one or using an AC unit. 

The Origins Of The Ceiling Fan
First, we should look at where ceiling fans came from to properly appreciate their usefulness. Invented in 1882 by the American-German inventor Philip Diehl, during the same era as other famous inventors such as Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, the electric ceiling fan became extremely popular due to its revolutionary effects. You might think that ceiling fans are old news today, with other devices being able to cool a home much faster and more effectively, but that’s definitely not the case. The popularity of this device spread across the world like wildfire, and it continues to this day, with many homeowners choosing properties that have a ceiling fan or having one installed themselves. 

When Do You Need A Ceiling Fan?
While it’s true that ceiling fans aren’t as powerful as an AC unit, they are a great way to keep the air moving around a room, allowing it to remain up to 8 degrees cooler than usual. Combine this with some other techniques, such as shutting the hot sun out during peak times using quality curtains and properly sealing gaps in doors and windows, and you’ll be much better equipped to handle the heat than you’d expect, even without an air conditioning unit. It also costs a lot less to run a ceiling fan constantly than it would to run AC, which means that, on average, you’re going to be able to regulate a room’s temperature much more easily.

The Benefits Of Having A Ceiling Fan
Of course, the first and most obvious benefit to this is that you’re going to be much better equipped to resist the heat in your home. Countries like the UAE can get very hot, as you’ll know if you’re a native, but it can be a bit of a shock to the system for ex-pats. One of the biggest benefits of using a ceiling fan. though, as mentioned above, is how much cheaper it is to keep your home cool. There is no reason you can’t combine this with an AC unit for those much hotter days, but you’ll save a lot more money in the long run by relying predominantly on your ceiling fans. 

Essential Ceiling Fan Maintenance
You might think that it’s all working fine as long as your fan is spinning. However, did you know that dirt and dust can cause serious problems for your ceiling fan? Knowing how to clean a ceiling fan is important, as it can allow you to remove the dirt, dust, and grime that could otherwise cause damage to the motor and excessive noise. Be careful, though, as you want to ensure that you’re not too heavy-handed when cleaning so that you don’t cause damage to the fan yourself. A pole duster with a microfiber cloth is your best bet here as well as a household degreasing solution for those harder to clean kitchen fans.

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