Benefits and facilities provide by LPU for distance learning

Benefits and facilities provide by LPU for distance learning

The program BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)offers a perfect blend of theory and practice. It helps to provide a solid foundation in general business management with its key features. This provides maximum growth with specializations in the area of choice of the required field. A BBA program helps to comprehend the business environment with various techniques and helps to work in various major organizations. It helps to develop efficient strategies promptly for business profitability and competitive advantage.

The Lpu distance BBA program facilitates the student in several ways. This program was acquired to demonstrate competence to contribute to rational business decisions. The BBA is based on management principles and analysis regarding a business organization. Well, so here today we will talk about various benefits given by LPU for a distance education program in BBA.

The benefit of LPU for the BBA program

LPU  is ranked No. 1 in India amongst all ranked institutions. Yes, no doubt it provides distance learning with the online study material for the students. The various key features of the Lpu distance BBA program are as under

Genuine  Fee Structure: ‘Financial constraints’ do not matter if you are pursuing educational and professional aspirations. But at LPU Distance Education offers an economical fee structure for its education programs. Despite that, the various training methods and technology used to elaborate the studies provide quality education. The fee structure is also quite affordable for all.

Placements cell: The LPU  students are provided with 100% placement support. The placement cell informs students from time to time about various placement drives at different locations. It helps students to prepare before any interview and enables them to avail the opportunities at hand. The placement includes various renowned companies include Banks, Competent synergies, Videocon, Dell, and many more organizations.

Online Faculty service: The LPU is controlled by E-connect and a user-friendly online platform. It offers 24 hrs strong service and a secure online connection that links its students with the university. LPU e-connect is a big facility for students. This helps students to learn at their convenience along with their other commitments. The best part is students get a personalized User ID and Password through which they may access anytime and anywhere without any hindrance. This LPU- e connection allows you to access through a mobile application. This feature must help you to enroll in the LPU distance BBA program.

Availability Of Online Study Material: The university is providing open access to its study material to all which is a big factor. You will be surprised that the LPU provides this study material free of cost on the World Wide Web. This study material is primarily meant for its Distance Education students and also be accessed by other universities students as well.

I must emphasize LPU as the best University because of its quality education, infrastructure, facilities, placements, as well as online techniques. The Management System (UMS) online portal through which we can connect to University easily at any time. It is a platform that provides admission to all students.

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