Laptop or desktop computer, which is better?

Laptop or desktop computer, which is better?

This question isn’t asked as frequently today. It used to be desktop computers all the way but with laptops steadily becoming more powerful, desktop computers are no longer the clear winner in every aspect. 

If you are contemplating on what to buy, here are some pros and cons of buying a laptop and desktop computer to help you decide:

Pros of getting a laptop

  • Portability: Laptops can be transported easily without needing to pack desktop computer towers and screens.
  • Weight:  Laptops also don’t need desktop computer towers, so they weigh less.
  • Size: Laptops take up much less space because there are no cords or other bulky components that needs to be plugged into it for it to work.
  • Convenient: Desktop computers need to be plugged into a power supply whereas laptops can be charged while on the go and
  • Wireless keyboard/mouse: Most laptops come with built-in wireless keyboards and mouse, whereas desktop computers don’t usually have those features unless you buy them. This means you only have to use one cord, the charger, when you use your laptop.

Cons of getting a laptop

  • Durability: Laptops have a limited life span. If you treat them well, they can survive for several years, but any damage could render the laptop useless unless it is repaired.
  • Power: Laptops are not as powerful as desktop computers. You eventually have to charge it when it runs out of battery life.
  • Price: Laptops are more expensive than desktop computers.
  • Security: Laptops are usually more susceptible to being stolen or hacked into.

Pros of getting a desktop computer

  • Power: Desktop computers don’t have a limited battery life. Desktop computers are also more powerful than laptops because they contain better hardware that is designed for intense tasks such as gaming and video editing.
  • Upgradeability: Desktop computer components can be upgraded over time, whereas laptops cannot
  • Durability: desktop computers tend to last longer than laptops because desktop computer towers are hardy and desktop computer screens can easily be replaced if scratched or broken.
  • Price: Desktop computers are usually cheaper because desktop computers do not have the same requirements as laptops. It is also much easier to manufacture desktop computers because desktop computer towers come with a standard set of parts so they don’t have to reinvent parts for each desktop computer tower.

Cons of getting a desktop computer

  • Bulky:  Desktop computer towers and desktop computer screens takes up more space than laptops. They also take up more space for its other components. 
  • No portability: desktop computers cannot be moved without bringing the desktop computer tower and desktop computer screens with you. This is especially inconvenient if your desktop computer needs to be taken somewhere for repair or upgrading.
  • Desktop Computers have a lot of cables: For every component you insert to your desktop computer, you may need a cable for it. This can be a problem if you’ll need to move your desktop computer from one place to another.

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